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Helping Salon Owners and Independent Hair Stylists Get Booked with Dream Clients

by Increasing Business Growth & Confidence!

Elevate your skills by learning how to run a Flourishing Business that you love with a business mentor that has training inside and outside the hair industry.

Set Your Business Up For Success in 30 Days Or Less! 

Make more profit and get more clarity in 30 days or less! This course will take you from overwhelmed to organized with quick fixes, checklists, and so much more! 

Are you tired of constantly hustling to find clients, leaving little time for yourself? 

  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the administrative tasks that come with running your own business as an independent hairdresser?
  Are you feeling stuck and unsure of how to take your hairdressing business to the next level of growth?
  Do you find yourself uncertain on how to strike the right balance between competitive rates and ensuring profitability for your business?
  Are you struggling to effectively market your hairdressing services and increase your visibility in the industry?

Don't worry, I've been there and can help!


You are leaving money on the table by always working "harder", not "smarter". 

Most independent hairdressers struggle with 1 of 2 things: mastering time management or capturing client loyalty. 

Juggling between hands-on hairstyling, managing appointments, dealing with finances, and still having to market yourself? That's a tall order!

Not to mention, in a world where new salons pop up like mushrooms, holding onto your clients feels like trying to catch water with your hands.

In order to book more clients and skyrocket your revenue, all you have to do is work smarter, not harder.

The Proven, Practical, Actionable Strategy for Hairdressers

As a matter of fact, I've walked in your shoes. As a hairstylist turned business coach, I’ve managed to transform not only my business, but the businesses of many hairstylists like you. They’ve experienced the jaw-dropping breakthroughs and the amazing transformation. Now it’s your turn.

So how did I make this leap? I developed the 5M system - a powerful, revolutionary approach to running a hairstyling business. This proven system focuses on:

  • Mindset: Unleashing your inner confidence and clarity
  • Momentum: Goal setting that sticks using the BUILD method
  • Money: Making smart money moves that boost your bottom line
  • ​Management: Streamlining your operations to work smarter, not harder
  • Marketing: Discovering the secrets of easy and effective marketing

Hey there, I'm Jessica!

I received my cosmetology certificate right out of High School and I loved the industry and everyone in it. It taught me about the true beauty of connection with others and how we can make them feel inside and out. 

I loved it but I knew there was something missing, so I went back to school to get my Business Administration Diploma and knew there was something there. ⁠

Fast forward a few years in corporate and figuring out the world of Entrepreneurship I have found my way back to my passion of helping those in the Hairdressing Industry. 
Hairdressers are some of the most talented hard working people out there. They are our Therapists, Magicians, Scientists and so much more. ⁠
The hair Industry has had such a big impact on my life and I am so excited to be in this space to help the industry that helped shape me.

I am here to help guide and nurture you and your business by combining the skills of Hairstyling, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship to help others in this space that need it the most.


Our Amazing Community of #ActionTakers

You're Not Just Joining A Community, It's a Movement

Join the Movement

We are confident Independent business owners who love what they do and are passionate about providing excellence for ourselves and our clients. We are SHAKING UP the practice of the hair industry and CHALLENGING the old school methods and approach to business. We are LIFE LONG learners!

We go above and beyond, and get paid well for it! We are changing the way Hairdressing is done and how the beauty industry is looked at. We don’t rely on traditional measures for running our business, we have set strategies and structure that helps us work with ease. We focus on our FUTURE SELF and take action!

We Are Confident Independent Business Owners!

Here's How I Can Help


The Empowered Strategy Call

Welcome to the Empowered Strategy call for your beauty business! In these two hours, we will work together to develop a comprehensive plan to take your business to the next level.


The Elite VIP Experience

Ready for a game-changing VIP day? We'll help you set up the essential building blocks for your business, so you can work smarter, not harder. Get personalized strategies and implementations to bring your dream business to life!


Beauty Business By Design

Ready to level up your business with structure and strategy? Our course has got you covered! Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to organization with quick fixes, trainings, and much more!

Working with Jess through her business bestie program was a great benefit to me and my growing company. She definitely made me feel understood and helped me achieve some major business goals in the time I worked with her! - Lauren K.

My Amazing Clients Love Working With Me!

But Don't Take It From Me.. Here's What They Say

“Helped me out so much! I didn't know I needed you as much as I did!”
I had the opportunity to do a VIP Day with Jessica and I am so glad that I did it. I jumped into having a small business without having a clue on actually how to run a business. I came out with insights from our meetup that I’m carrying forward with me. Jessica inspire me to where I want to be with my business. I didn’t know that I needed you as much as I did. -Cheri M.
“She was great to work with! She explained everything so well!”
Jessica was great to work with. She is passionate about helping others. She helped me gain a better understanding along with the tools I need to get my email marketing on track for my online business. 

She explained everything so well and I would highly recommend! -Ashley W.
"She's an amazing coach and mentor! 10/10!"
Before working with Jessica, social media marketing was the weakest part of my business and truly would avoid posting. As she explained simple and time saving techniques the more excited I became. I recommend her to everyone who is struggling or even wanting a few tips to enhance every aspect of their businesses, she's an amazing coach and mentor! 10/10 -Alannah F.

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Become a Social Media Pro and Take Your Hair Biz to the Next Level!

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